Break Through Branding Clutter

Does your brand stand out in the crowded marketplace?  Does your brand message stand out from the myriad of messages that clutter consumers’ minds each day?  In order to ensure your brand is noticed and remembered amidst the clutter, you have to be certain that it stands for something specific.  In other words, it needs to offer a unique value logo sign Break Through Branding Clutter

Truth be told, I dislike the buzz phrase “unique value proposition” because I think it’s overused.  However, I’m using it here since it actually does apply.  What makes your brand unique and what makes it distinctly different from other brands available to consumers?  What makes your message more important than all the other messages customers hear?

Your brand’s unique value proposition is what gives your brand strength.  Consider the brands below and think of what each brand stands for in your mind:

Each brand above has a unique position in the marketplace and stands for something very specific.  In my mind, Hyundai represents the inexpensive car.  Lexus is the elite, high-class brand, and Volvo is the safe choice.  Each brand’s strength comes from “owning” its unique value proposition in the minds of consumers.

Many brands have success extending beyond the unique value proposition that originally gave them strength and power in the marketplace, but typically, those successes occur only when brand extensions enhance the original value proposition rather than running counter to it.

Where is your brand positioned?  What is your brand’s unique value proposition?  Make your brand distinct or you run the risk of standing for nothing and getting lost in the clutter.

By Susan Gunelius



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