McKinsey Report on Post Recession Consumer Behavior

McKinsey Quarterly recently published an interesting report on How the recession has changed US Consumer Behavior (this is a premium report). The report hints at the fact that more & more customers have started to rely on “cheaper” products, and have started to “like them”.

I will highlight a few interesting points from this McKinsey report on Post Recession US Consumer Behavior.

  • 18 percent of consumer-packaged-goods consumers bought lower-priced brands in the past two years when the country was in recession
  • 46 percent of the consumers who used “cheaper” alternatives, said these products performed better than expected
  • 34 percent of the consumers to switched to “cheaper” alternatives, said they no longer preferred higher-priced products
  • additional 41 percent said that while they preferred the premium brand, it “was not worth the money”

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The McKinsey report could be a clear trend during the post recession stabilization period. Clearly a large segment of the internet customers have started to realize that there are “cheaper” alternatives available & that such products or services are of good quality but without the added price for the “brand names”.

Source: Pro Media Blog


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