Evolution of In-Store Advertising at the Point of Sale

It’s a researched fact that about 70% of customer decisions in retail are made at the point of sale and not because of some interrupting commercial you saw on TV. Due to this, retailers are trying really hard to advertise and convey as much information as they possibly can in as little space as possible in-store. Some do it well like Wal-Mart, Apple, & MSFT retail stores, others not so much.

Back in the 80s it used to be just posters and handmade signs. In 90s it was customized color printed banners. In early 2000s TVs installed 12 feet high with unrelated infomercials that nobody cared to raise their head to look at. Now it’s digital signs and interactive solutions that inform a target audience about a specific product of interest at the right time and in front of their eyeballs (and not up in the no-attention zone). Generally that information is relevant, and if its interactive, engaging and permission based its a WIN and I love it!

Case in point a recent project that our team worked on here at Nanonation: http://www.nanonation.net/casestudies/quickglance/room_and_board.html

There are many other REALLY cool & impactful projects that Nano team is working on. Like heuristic product finder kiosk or iPad related solution.

By Khushbaht

Source: Awesome things worth sharing


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