Print Media to Digital Media – The Evolution

As the traditional print media began adopting digital technologies for gains, little did it realize then that sooner or later the new media would be putting the traditional methods into oblivion. While the digital media is perfectly able to fulfill on the promises that it made, the fast paced technological changes in the new media, has totally transformed what actually appears today. Frankly, if we hold both ends, they appear like two separate entities, unless we are able to reconstruct the missing link.
Understanding Globalization – Through New Media
New media is a new term meant to bring together the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies operative as of now. Most of these techniques are digital, and often bearing characteristics of being manipulative, networkable, dense, compressible, interactive and extensively impartial.
The best examples of these are our websites, internet, computer multimedia, computer games and so on. New media today can simply be understood as a mix between existing older cultural conventions for data representation, access, and manipulation and newer conventions of data representations. The new media especially with the help of the internet is bound to make extreme changes in the way we are able to present news even surpassing constraints like space and time.
The new media is capable and
• Will alter the meaning of geographic distance, as meaningless.
• Allow for huge increases in the volume of communications.
• Provide ultimate possibilities of increasing the speed of communications.
• Provide unending opportunities for interactive communication.
• Allow different and separate forms of communication to overlap and interconnect with one another.
Dublin Central_1New Media – The Perfect Tool for Social Change
The rise of this new media has tremendously increased communication between the people all over the world and especially through the internet. The new media now available as a tool to all, without any kind of barriers, and equally serving the right and the wrong has immensely contributed towards a global social change engulfing us all; and at the pace with which it is growing, sooner than later, none of us would be left out.
Newer orders, with fewer restrictions, better connectivity and faster communications will enable us come out with our best. The positive outcome as a result is far more appealing than the bleak picture that some of us may want to paint.
Let the best of us come together, no matter from which corner of the world this belongs, after all we are one as mankind.

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